Intellect Foundations

An Unique Brain Skills Training Program


Intellect Foundations constructs the course in helping children to learn basic building block of intelligent behavior – a way of organizing knowledge.

Our approach aims to involve children in acquiring competence via learning through discovery. Classroom materials usually include activities for engaging children in developing their skills in: leadership; reasoning; logical thinking; decision making; problem solving; concentration; perception; memory; language and build their confidence and self esteem.

Intelligence is increasingly demonstrated through the use of symbols; memory and imagination are developed as language use matures.

Core teaching elements:

  • Children are our center of learning – education makes creators, innovators and inventors.

  • Children can be best developed through interaction.

  • Children will be taught certain concepts appropriately according to their age and reasoning development.

  • Children will go through a qualitative development of knowledge , that is , to let children read, write, listen, physical movement and speak.

  • Children will play and learn through IF, by repeating this process across different qualitative development of knowledge, children will establish a new level of knowledge and insight.

  • Children will develop their abilities to recognize, recall, analyze, reflect, apply, create, understand, and evaluate when they receive assistance in IF to develop conceptual knowledge, techniques, procedures, and algorithmic problem solving using Verbal/Linguistic and Logical/Mathematical intelligences.

  • Children learn moral ideas through IF.

  • Children will make moral judgments based on their own observations of the world and they will create their conceptions.

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